Conlang Arcade

Conlang Arcade is a video game portal website, dedicated to creating and hosting web games that are available in constructed languages.


Rachel Morris

Rachel is the founder of Moosader LLC and related projects. They are a programmer and teacher in the KC area, and is interested in Esperanto, Ido, Láadan, and other conlangs, as well as many natlangs.

Tea Blossom

Tea is a developer and translator from Spain. She has worked on translations for Moosader games in the past, and also creates web games for Conlang Arcade.

Conlangers and Áya Dan

Conlangers and Áya Dan encompass various conlang-based projects, including…

Moosader LLC

Conlang Arcade / Conlangers Apparel Store and Áya Dan projects are brought to you by Moosader LLC, an independent game studio providing mentoring and opportunities for the rest of us.